500 Series Tabletop Stencil / Batch Cleaners

  • Heated wash for cleaning lead-free solder paste, pallets and adhesives
  • 100% Stainless steel construction
  • Two model sizes to conserve energy, use less chemistry and generate less waste
  • Install in table top or free standing
  • Side-mounted “sweep frequency” ultrasonic transducers with 10-year warranty
  • Guaranteed cleaning
  • Spray and ultrasonic rinse capable
  • Easy maintenance and low cost
  • Cleans solder paste, SMD adhesives and post solder flux from stencils, pallets and misprinted PCBs.
  • Optional features to allow for custom applications
  • Model 520/529 PDF Download


smart sonic model 520/529 ultrasonic cleaner

The Low-cost / Compact Stencil Cleaners

The 500 Series Tabletop Stencil and Batch Cleaners are designed for the SMT Assembler that is cleaning small stencils, tooling or low volume large stencils and desires improved and consistent cleaning of fine-pitch stencil apertures and reduced damage caused by manual cleaning. The 500 Series is also an excellent entry-level machine for users not able to purchase a fully automatic system yet require the cleaning efficiency of a Smart Sonic ultrasonic stencil cleaner. The 500 Series offers the same cleaning results as a semi automatic or fully automatic system without the added cost.

The 500 Series can be used free standing or mounted into an existing tabletop to conserve valuable floor space.

The Model 520 is designed to ultrasonically wash and rinse stencils up to 20" x 20" (510 x 510 mm) and the Model 529 will handle stencils up to 29" x 29" (750 x 750 mm). Both models can accommodate larger stencils by cleaning one-half at a time.

While other cleaning chemistries may be used, all Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaners are guaranteed to clean any type of solder paste from any fine-pitch stencil when using Smart Sonic’s 440-R® SMT Detergent!

The Series 500 are the most affordable ultrasonic stencil cleaners… and they’re a Smart Sonic!

500 Series Tabletop Stencil / Batch Cleaners

smart sonic model 529 front view
Shown mounted in Tabletop with optional Parts Basket
top view of smartsonic model 520/529
Wash and Rinse Tank Assembly


Specifications: Model 520 Model 529
Overall Dimensions 21.8" x 35.5" x 25"H 21.8" x 35.5" x 31"H
Wash Tank Dimensions 6" x 31" x 21"H 4.5" x 31" x 27"H
Wash Tank Capacity 14 Gallons (53 liters) 14 Gallons (53 liters)
Maximum Frame Size 20" x 29" (510 x 750 mm) with one cycle 29" x 29" (750 x 750 mm) with one cycle
  29" x 34" (750 x 860 mm) with two cycles 29" x 48" (750 x 1220 mm) with two cycles
Utilities Required (Models 520 & 529)    
Electrical 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 12 Amps Available Options:
Water (w/ optional Hand Spray) 30 PSI Misprint fixture
Air (w/ optional Air Blow-off) 20 PSI Parts Basket
Average Wash Cycle Time When Using 440-R SMT Detergent Wash/Rinse Filtration
Wet solder paste 1 – 2 minutes Power Drain
Dry solder paste 2 – 4 minutes Hand-held Spray Rinse
Wet SMD adhesives 2 – 4 minutes Hand-held Air Blow-off
Post solder flux build-up 2 – 5 minutes EnviroGuard Filtration

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Specifications subject to change without notice. © Smart Sonic Corporation 2008

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